EZ-ELD from Stoneridge launched

| May 02, 2017

The BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) electronic logging device from the Stoneridge companny pairs an app on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth connection with a device that connects to and accepts information from the truck’s ECM, similar to the many such devices from other vendors in the market. Stoneridge’s EZ-ELD sets itself apart in part with a unique “Scan and Drive” installation, making it easy for drivers to switch between vehicles. As described by the company, “drivers simply scan a QR code to securely connect the EZ-ELD smartphone app to the device, and they are ready to hit the road.”

The Stoneridge EZ-ELD costs just $149 for the plug-in hardware, with a $15-a-month software subscription, although savings are available for annual subscriptions at only $150.

Stoneridge’s EZ-ELD has been self-certified and is listed on FMCSA’s device registry. As previously reported, under the terms of the ELD mandate, unless qualifying for one of the few exemptions, interstate truckers must be utilizing an electronic logging device of some kind by the Dec. 18, 2017 enforcement deadline. In installing Dec. 18 or after, that device must be one of those self-certified and listed on the FMCSA’s device registry.


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Stoneridge notes the EZ-ELD is available for purchase online via EZ-ELD.com, through select Pollak Aftermarket retailers and shortly to be distributed via a variety of truck stops.


Stoneridge offers three interchangeable OBD connectors with the device, making it easy to switch between vehicles with a 9-pin, 6-pin or OBDII on-board diagnostics port and eliminating the need to buy another device or expensive accessories if you change or upgrade your truck. The EZ-ELD also stores up to six months of data securely encrypted on the device, longer than some other solutions, the company says.

From the office, fleet operators can easily manage drivers and devices in the same fleet simultaneously and get full visibility of drivers’ hours via the Stoneridge EZ-ELD software. Features include GPS vehicle tracking and historic position information per truck, HOS and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR).

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