FMCSA officially opens authority application process for Mexican carriers

mexican_trucksThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration officially began Jan. 15 accepting applications for Mexican carriers to apply for authority to operate in the U.S. beyond the commercial border zone.


Readers sound off on FMCSA's border move

Readers sound off on FMCSA’s border move

U.S. truck operators see cheaper rates, more crashes and lower driver pay as possible effects of FMCSA's expansion of cross-border trucking with Mexico.

The agency announced Friday, Jan. 9 it would “soon begin” accepting applications for any Mexican carrier wishing to move international freight to and from the U.S. The move brings the U.S. into more complete compliance with the requirements of the North American Free Trade Agreement. The U.S. had been paying roughly $2 billion a year in tariffs because it hadn’t fully opened the border to Mexican carriers.

Despite criticism of the data gleaned from the three-year cross-border pilot program with Mexico that ended in October, the agency says it had a “robust” set of data to use to make its decision, as Overdrive reported earlier this week.

According to an Overdrive poll (the results of which were published earlier today), U.S. truck operators see the long-term effect of the border opening as one that could negatively impact rates, increase truck accidents and hurt driver pay.

Click here to read more on the results of Overdrive’s poll on the cross-border trucking expansion, along with more reader comments on FMCSA’s move.

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