Paccar Engine Control Systems Purifilter diesel filter

Updated Aug 13, 2012

Paccar Parts dealers offer the Engine Control Systems Purifilter, an aftermarket regenerating diesel particulate filter approved by the California Air Resources Board for Class 8 truck models. Each model has a silicon carbide filter and is available in five different inlet/outlet configurations, with either standard stamped flanges or optional machined flanges. The stainless steel modular design allows for 360-degree rotation of the muffler inlet and outlet sections. Available in several sizes, the smallest filter weighs about 75 pounds and is 10 inches wide (11 5/8-inch diameter at the mating flanges) and 38 inches long, including inlet and outlet tubes. The largest filter weighs about 125 pounds and is 13 inches wide (15 inches at the mating flanges) and 43 inches long.


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