Tools to help truckers get their jobs done

Even the best, most proficient truck driver on the road today needs a little help from time to time, and he can get it from some of today’s top technologies.

Rand McNally TND Tablet 85

Rand Mc Nally Tnd Tablet 85 2020 02 03 12 18Rand McNally’s TND Tablet 85 combination tablet/GPS device mounts on the dashboard and includes all-new Rand Navigation 2.0 software, a directional dashcam, numerous connected services professional drivers require, ELD connectivity and all the benefits of a premium Android tablet.

The new navigation software provides drivers with more comprehensive routes with 3-D renderings of nearby buildings and landmarks, more prominent exits and highways, highly-detailed weather overlays and crowd-sourced reviews of points of interest. Drivers also can access many helpful truck tools such as toll costs, traffic updates, weather conditions and service alerts.

The TND Tablet 85 uses a strong magnet to mount the device to the truck’s dash. All that is needed is a twist to free it from the mount. And when freed from its work duties on your truck’s dash, you can settle into your sleeper berth with it, check email, update Facebook and stream something on Nextflix.

Peak Design Origami Tech Pouch

Peak Design Origami Tech Pouch 2020 02 03 12 19Peak Design’s Origami Tech Pouch stows all of your tech gear – charging cords, SD cards, battery packs and small devices – all in one compact place. The pouch opens wide to make getting at your gear goodies easy.

A handy cable pass-through is provided for charging devices, and the pouch also features an external passport and document pocket.

It also features various top and side soft-lined zippered stash pockets, and it is made to hold its shape and sit upright, even if empty.

RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Roaster

Road Pro 12 Volt Portable Roaster 2020 02 03 12 19The 12-volt portable roaster from the RoadPro Family of Brands stars at cooking from scratch or reheating leftovers or grocery store prepared meals.

The roaster’s 5-foot-long heavy-duty cord plugs into a truck’s 12-volt power port and can heat up to 225 degrees. It can accommodate a reusable 6-by-9-inch glass baking dish or disposable aluminum pans.

The roaster also has a vented glass lid with locking handles for safe baking as you travel.

Resqme Emergency Escape Tool

Resqme Emergency Escape Tool 2020 02 03 12 19With any luck, this piece of gear will never get used. The Resqme Emergency Escape Tool ought to blissfully dangle from your keychain, and you’ll simply have peace of mind that it’s there.

When needed, the Resqme can be used to cut your seatbelt should it be jammed in an accident.

It also can be used to smash a window so you aren’t trapped in a vehicle whose doors are jammed.

Eliverne Foldable Shovel

Eliverne Foldable Shovel 2020 02 03 12 19Tt makes sense to have some tools you can turn to if you should get stranded by snow. A decent shovel is a “must-have” for anyone traveling just about anywhere during the winter.

Eliverne’s Foldable Shovel is such a tool. Lightweight and sturdy. it folds, has a large D-grip handle and an aluminum edge.

Its handle can extend from 13 to 26 inches to accommodate the sort of snow removal you may have to do.