It’s easy to keep your truck’s glass clean

Few things are as important when on the road as having a clear, unobstructed view of where you’re going. Part of that means being able to see out the windows of your truck.

It may seem minor, but having clean windows is an important part of that.

A canister of Armor All’s Glass Wipes lets you clean windows and mirrors quickly as part of your pre-trip inspection, or when you stop to rest or refuel. 

Unlike many household cleaners, Armor All’s Glass Wipes do not contain ammonia, which can damage some surfaces. 

Glass Wipes are formulated to provide clarity and shine, easily remove filmy residue, road grime, fingerprints and leave no streaks or haze.

Canisters come with either 30 or 25 wipes. A handy two-pack of wipes is easy to keep tucked in your jacket pocket for when you do your pre-trip.

Available at travel centers and most auto parts and convenience stores.

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