Latest Gear Guide has information to help get you through summer

Updated Sep 14, 2020

So, what summer song is at the top of your trucking tunes list in 2020?

“Hot Fun in the Summertime” by Sly and the Family Stone?

Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long”?

“No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem.” by Kenny Chesney?

Well, whatever it is, now’s the time to turn it op to 11 and rip off the knob … just make sure you and your truck are ready for the demands of the season before you do.

The current edition of the Overdrive and Truckers News Gear Guide from the folks at the RoadPro Family of Brands has plenty of information to help make the Summer of 2020 a bit more enjoyable and a lot more comfortable. The Gear Guide has:

An in-depth look at how you and your truck can survive summer when things heat up

Everything you need to know about the hottest “must have” accessory, a power inverter

How you can enjoy trucking shows that have moved online because of the COVID-19 coronavirus

Tips on staying entertained while on your break and done driving for the day

How to dress for safety despite the hot weather

GPS units to keep you on the straight and narrow

And, maybe best of all, a dynamite recipe for.bread pudding made in your portable stove

Summer on the road (and in the city) may be dirty and gritty, but it doesn’t mean you have to suffer through until autumn arrives in September. The Overdrive and Truckers News Gear Guide from the folks at the RoadPro Family of Brands is loaded with insights, information and pro tips to keep you and your truck cruising through the season.

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