Rite-Hite’s trailer stabilizer

Rite-Hite’s TS-5000 Trailer Stabilizer is designed to decrease the risk of landing gear collapse when loading or unloading spotted trailers at a loading dock. The unit has an extra-wide top plate (12 by 66 inches) that covers up to 65 percent of a trailer’s width, twin vertical supports and dual 10-by-16-inch base plates, all engineered to help prevent accidents caused by heavy loads in front of the landing gear, uneven loads and faulty landing gear, all of which can cause the trailer nose to drop or roll. The stabilizer has a static load capacity of 70 tons (140,000 pounds) and three 13-inch tires and ergonomic positioning handles designed to allow it to be moved into position easily. The unit extends up to 56 inches and retracts down to 40 inches. An optional communication flag alerts workers and drivers that the unit is positioned properly.

Rite-Hite, www.ritehite.com

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