Toyo launches new regional, urban tire

Toyo Tires is releasing a new urban and regional all-position tire for commercial trucks. 

Toyo M156The new Toyo M156 succeeds the M154 and features enhancements to maximize removal miles, fuel efficiency, retreadability, and casing durability for a high return on investment, while providing excellent performance and safety.The SmartWay certification-pending tire succeeds the M154 with several upgraded features, like a four-rib pattern and new patented buttress sidewall design that ensures even pressure distribution on the center and outer ribs of the contact patch, reducing irregular wear.

Long-lasting, low rolling resistance is achieved with specialized cap, base, and sidewall compounds combined with Toyo’s e-balance technology. These compounds and technology, along with a high-elongation top belt, wider belt package, and a new carcass profile all help minimize the growth of the tread profile and reduce strain at the bead and belt edges. That's intended to enable the tire to maintain a uniform, flatter tread radius, which enhances fuel efficiency, turning stability, casing durability, and wear resistance in high-scrub environments.

A center groove design with angled groove walls and stone ejectors helps resist irregular wear and tearing, minimize stone retention, and protect the casing, while the outer grooves feature a stabilizer rib to prevent rib flex, promoting even tread wear.

The new M156 commercial tire sizes will be produced in 19.5-, 22.5-, and 24.5-inch wheel diameters and will be available starting in July.