Xantrex’s inverter/charger series

Updated Apr 20, 2020

Xantrex’s Freedom XC Pro Inverter/Charger Series features a 50A transfer relay, a bigger charger and an advanced communications protocol for chargingg any lithium-ion battery and for integration with third-party multi-function panels (MFPs). The larger of the two models is a 3,000-watt inverter that weighs 18.5 pounds and has a built-in 150-amp battery charger and a 50A transfer relay, while the 2,000-watt model features a 100-amp battery charger. Both models can surge to two times its rated power for five seconds and can be configured and monitored via the FXC control app, available on both iOS and android. They also offer full output in higher temperatures, dead battery charging, operation control via the ignition key and the ability to work off high-output alternators. Both models are tested for multiple environmental stresses, including moisture and corrosion resistance.

Xantrex, www.xantrex.com

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