East’s Narrow Spec Dump Trailer

East’s Narrow Spec Dump Trailer for hauling sand, gravel and commodity loads is engineered to maximize payload with lighter-weight components while still delivering strength and durability. The NSD is built with premium aluminum alloys for flooring and side material for longer life and durability, and the company’s Genesis smooth-side aerodynamic design is easier to clean and will not show dents from the inside. Its 2-inch thick double-wall extruded aluminum panels are robotically welded together vertically inside and out for added strength and resistance to twisting, while its ¼-inch-thick rear-corner posts wrap completely around the top and bottom rails and inter-lock to help reduce side-to-side distortion. The tailgate’s lighter-weight sheet-and-post 90-degree wall joints are welded continuously to maximize its strength-to-weight ratio and joint integrity. Options include lift axles, coal/grain doors and a zero-maintenance damping suspension.

East Manufacturing, www.eastmfg.com