United Pacific’s heated LED headlight

Updated Dec 2, 2022

United Pacific Industries’ Plug & Play 4″ x 6″ Heated LED Headlight with Chrome Trim for Commercial TrucksUnited Pacific’s 4-by-6-inch Heated LED Headlight is suited for cold and snowy environments. The replacement headlight features a heating system engineered to automatically de-ice the headlight according to the ambient temperature. It is constructed of a heavy-duty aluminum housing and features a durable glass lens. The 12-24-VDC light is available in high beam and low beam, with a choice of either a chrome or black inner liner. It has 1,000 lumens with the 20-watt low beam and 1,200 lumens with the 24-watt high beam. The lights have a standard H4 style connector plug designed for easy plug-and-play installation.

United Pacific Industries, www.upauto.com