Hendrickson's new line of lift-axle air kits

Hendrickson HLC Series 1 air kitsHendrickson's new HLC Series 1 air kits offer two options -- the SSI, which offers a "lift on reverse" feature, and the NSI, which is suited for applications where lifting an axle in reverse isn't necessary.Hendrickson

Hendrickson Specialty Products -- Auxiliary Axle Systems has introduced its new HLC Series 1 Air Kits (HLC Series) for lift axles.

The new HLC Series is designed as a drop-in replacement for the previous generation HAC Series and supports ease of installation, the company said. 

“We have worked with our customers, and designed a lift kit that is fully compatible with our earlier product line,” said Andrew Power, Senior Engineering Manager at Hendrickson Auxiliary Axle Systems. “The HLC Series is configured to simplify the installation with color-coded quick-connect fittings and a relay that is now integrated, eliminating the need to mount in a separate location.”

Customers have a choice of two different configurations: HLC-SSI, for self-steerable applications, and HLC-NSI for non-steerable applications. The HLC-SSI is equipped with an electric-actuated toggle switch and possesses the unique "lift on reverse" feature and the option to control ride spring pressure per axle independently. Meanwhile, the HLC-NSI is designed with a manual push-pull operation and is suited for applications that do not need to lift when in reverse.

Both kits have been environmentally tested in extreme conditions and, like many Hendrickson products, are built to perform under demanding applications, the company noted.