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Got wheelbase

| October 21, 2008

New Jersey-based truck tricker Richie Acosta of East Coast Large Cars tooks 1st place in working bobtail at the truck beauty contest at Mid-America a couple years ago. The winning rig was his Project 350, named after the 2005 Pete 379 extended hood’s mammoth double-frame factory wheelbase (photo courtesy Acosta here). This year, Anthony Fischkelta at Grand Street Warehouse in Moonachie, N.J., with the ProFab shop in Mannheim, Pa., decided to do Acosta one better with a Kenworth W9 stretched from the factory at 351 inches. A YouTube video featuring the trucks seemed to be a wholly appropriate culmination of the gentlemanly competition. Check out Project 351 and Project 350 in Class-8-drag-race style from stop here. While you’re at it, for videos with custom truck owners and more, visit Overdrive‘s Custom Rigs magazine’s website. The magazine’s new editor, Bruce Smith, will be shepherding more detail about Fischkelta and ProFab’s masterpiece into the February issue of the magazine, so keep an eye out for it.

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