1986 359 Peterbilt My First Truck

1986 359 Peterbilt My First Truck
Uploaded by : Corey Harris
86 359 Pete, NTC-400 Big-cam , 15 speed double, 3.90 rears. Truck had been sitting for close to 15 yrs. Guy just didn’t have time to fix it. I paid 5,000 for it and got close to 4000 in New parts and chrome. After sitting that many yrs it turned over 5 times and fired up. Everyone told me I would never get it on road.. I had a 15,000 budget to put it on road. Took 3 months of long days and nights to complete but I pulled first load with it. It still needs work, but hey it’s one hell of truck now. Dropped number 5 sleeve 4 months of working so I did complete inframe and put number 15 button in it and she’s a beast.
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