Big Red

Big Red
Uploaded by : Cheyan coady
This is Jacob Gowens and his most prized possession. He loves this truck more than he’ll ever love anything, more than he’ll ever love me if we are being honest. Jacob puts a lot of time and effort into his truck and I hope someday I’ll actually be able to go for a ride in it with him. This Ford has been in his family since 71′ and it’s been past down for generations. It means a lot to their family and I’m sure he’ll pass it down to his son. This truck has so many stories behind it and the only one I know of so far is mine. I lived in the same neighborhood as Jacob a few years ago now and I would always walk by this beauty, never stopped long enough to see the owner but always enough to admire it and I’ve had a love for old trucks and cars since I was named after a 72′ Chevy. It’s kind of crazy to think that I Jacob and I met and he was the one with the Red Ford! I couldn’t have been more shocked to hear that and boy was I happy when I knew I got the boy with this classic truck. Anyways I hope you al enjoyed this picture as much as I did. Thank you.
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