Lorne R Houle

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Submitted by Lorne R Houle

With 366k miles, this is considered a fossilized dinosaur in any massive fleet; especially as a 10 speed. Most large fleets, like PRIME, are completely eliminating the standard transmission and gradually implementing the use of automatic trucks. As with this trucking school, the use of standard transmissions for licensure is also becoming a thing of the past and most graduates receive a restriction on their license for automatic trucks only. I fulfill my contributions to the trucking industry by pumping out as many trainees as possible in the 10 speed; in hopes that, one day, they may be able to pass on the valuable skill of floating gears to others. Although new to the industry myself, I believe it of the utmost importance to pass on long standing trucking traditions as they were passed to me. Without these traditions, this industry will fall prey to the very people who wish to destroy it. You start getting things like ELD requirements implemented. Trucking is evolving and those getting out are realizing it’s not for the best. I pledge to change that; one student at a time…

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