Gut check?

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Dear Carolyn,
How much stock do you put into “gut feelings?” I’m not too sure about this guy I’ve been dating for about two months. It seems like he’s interested but I’m doing all the work. I make the plans, bring the pizza, rent the movie and spend the gas driving to his place. I don’t think this is working out. Do you think I’m judging too fast?

Dear Katie,
I like to check out my gut feelings and will even look into a crystal ball if I need to. I’ve been right but I’ve been wrong too. For instance, I could be wrong that your guy is easy going and laid back enough to just go with the flow of relationships. Or I could be right that he’s self-centered, lazy, passive aggressive and just not that into you.
The better question is; what do YOU think? And I think we know that answer.
I’m just say’n,