Today is the day!

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Dear Carolyn,

Can we finish with the Valentine’s Day hype? Please move on to something else. Guys hate this day. I don’t know any guy who thinks, wow, today is the day I can really show my sweetheart how much I love her. Nope. We are thinking, what’s the least I can do to score?
You should tell it like it is.

Dear Buster,

Hey, I know there’s some tit for tat going on with this most perplexing day of all days. But I’m just say’n that a small gesture of sincere sentiment is welcomed and expected by most women. And there’s the whole bragging rights part. Women like to tell other women what they got. Most of my letters come from people WISHING they had someone to shower with flowers on Valentine’s Day. So, if you are even on the playing field, swing the bat with all you got. The day isn’t over yet. There are some wilted flowers and lame cards still available. Run to the nearest store.
I’m just say’n

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