Do you see what I see?

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Dear Carolyn,
I’m writing in response to your request to send in odd sights seen from the cab. Like most long time truckers, there’s not much that shocks me anymore. I’ve seen everything from completely naked drivers to people reading books rigged to the steering wheel. It’s nothing to see someone mix an alcoholic drink, read the newspaper or text while driving. I’ve seen more than one woman paint her toenails while passing me going 80 miles per hour. If you didn’t laugh, you’d have to cry.
What do you think the deal is? Do they think they are invisible?
I know I’m just preaching to the choir here but I’m wondering what you think.

Dear Jake,
I think there are two reasons why people do crazy, scary, stupid things while they drive.

A. They don’t know you can see them.
B. They know but they don’t care.

Those in category A are the most common. They drive in the same oblivious world they live in. Pass them as soon as possible.
The ones in category B. are the ones who want you to see them doing their crazy, naked things. Pass them when you feel like it!
I’m just say’n,