Breaking up is hard to do

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Dear Carolyn,

Is there a good way to break up with someone? I don’t want to be “that guy” who sends a text or just stops calling. But then again, I’m tired of the long pointless conversations where we go over and over all the ways our relationship is not working. I always end up promising to try harder. The truth is; I don’t want to try at all anymore. But I’m a good guy and before we went down this road, we were very close friends. Is it even possible to go back to close friend status after a break-up?

Dear Billy,
This is a multiple part question so I’ll answer in the order you wrote. Here goes:
No. You won’t. I’m with ya. Well then. Nope.
I could give you a long explanation about each answer but it boils down to this: Break-ups are like removing band-aids. You can slowly, painfully peel the edges, inching along until it’s done, or rip it off. I should tell you to do it in a mature, calm, loving way, sparing her feelings and easing into the bad news. But, truthfully?
Let it rip.
And then, let her heal with privacy and dignity.
Just Say’n