No hiding in the closet!

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Dear Carolyn,

Ive got one for you. I am an attractive, small, gay female driver/mover. Seventy-five percent of the males out here just love me until the dreaded “come on ” starts and I respond appropiately that Im certainly not interested! Some are very sweet and politely give up. However, most start the whole “gay bashing” thing that can get very ugly.

I realize that the trucking industry is still in the dark ages but that’s not my burden. In their warped minds all gay females are supposed to look like unattractive, overweight males. Because this is not the case for me OR my girlfriend,this tends to really upset them.

I work very hard, pay my bills,and try to do my part in this world to be helpful to others. I am NOT willing to go into a closet for ANYONE!!!!

Thanks for listening to me!


Dear Charli,
Well, sounds like you handle yourself just fine! It’s too bad that you’ve had to deal with the bad apples because most truckers, in my opinion, are happy for a little conversation and human intereaction after a long day on the road. For those who want to give you a hard time instead of treating you like an equal, that’s their problem.
Oh yeah. You already said that.
Carry on!
Just Say’n,

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