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new-products-phoneiPhone App for Truckers

Trucker1 application from 1st Guard is available via the iTunes App Store free of charge. The app includes tools like custom navigation, an instant insurance verification protocol and a simple claims submissions process.

1st Guard Corporation

(866) 327-8234

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Multi-function smart lamps

Peterson’s line of Piranha LED Smart Lamps includes 10-diode, 4-inch round models that are SAE J845 class two compliant and DOT approved, the company says. Designed for full compatibility from model to model, the lamp units have electronic strobes and turn signal functions built in, plus digital “synchro wire” technology that keeps lamps in both dual and quad system installations synchronized.

Peterson’s LED line of tunnel lights has a 274 Series featuring a 2-inch round, grommet-mounted accessory light for trucks and trailers. With an operating range of 8-16 volts and available in both amber and red, the series is for accessory or off-road use only to illuminate features such as stainless steel air cleaners, headache racks, bumpers, door panels and running boards.

Peterson Manufacturing Co.

(770) 433-2282

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Vacuum cleaning system

TruckVac Pro’s vacuum is an on-board 110-volt system that includes a lightweight, compact vacuum canister that mounts under the sleeper bed. It delivers more than 450 air watts and uses 10.2 amps of power. It includes a 12.5-foot hose, various attachments and an attachment storage bag.

TruckVac Pro

(888) 762-3822

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Heat pump system

Stark’s HP2000 Auxiliary Power Unit was built to handle extreme temperatures. By eliminating the need for the truck’s engine to idle, fuel usage is reduced significantly. The heat pump system provides cost savings and keeps drivers cool, warm and powered up, the company says.

Stark Manufacturing LLC

(800) 555-6762

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Work Mat

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truckers-matDrymate’s Trucker’s Mat has a soft, stain-resistant surface for lying or kneeling. The bonded waterproof backing protects the trucker from muddy ground. The mat is durable and puncture-resistant and is machine washable and dryable. The company says it is ideal for wet ground and easy to store.


(800) 872-8201

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Truckstop website

The Kenly 95 Travel Centers of America location launched its new website, offering visitors virtual tours of the facility, information about Kenly 95’s history and an online shop for custom accessories. The site also lists employment opportunities, complete with the ability to apply online.

Kenly 95 TA

(919) 284-5121

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Battery-powered A/C system

Bergstrom has a battery-powered air conditioning system designed specifically for day cabs. The NITE Day Cab No-Idle System utilizes one or two deep-cycle absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries to power the air-conditioning system. This keeps the driver cool when the truck’s engine is turned off.


(815) 874-7821

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LVD-switchLVD switch

Cole Hersee’s SureStart Low Voltage Disconnect Switch 48513 electronically senses battery voltage and conserves starting power by disconnecting non-critical loads, prolonging battery life by preventing battery damage due to excessive discharge. Its service life exceeds 1,000,000 on/off cycles, the company says, and it has a manual override that allows users to connect or disconnect the switch when needed.

Cole Hersee Company

(617) 268-2100

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Wax spray

Eagle One’s NanoWax Spray conceals swirl marks, hairline scratches and provides long-lasting protection. The company says application is simple: just spray on and wipe off, no buffing necessary. The no-haze spray wax utilizes nano-sized carnauba wax particles to penetrate deeper into the paint surface providing better protection and a deep, glossy shine.

Eagle One

(800) 432-4531

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Hendrickson Bumper and Trim’s AERO CLAD bumper comes as part of an optional factory-installed metal bumper package on VNL trucks and also is available for retrofits exclusively through Volvo and Mack dealers. This new bumper maximizes style, durability, ground clearance and weight savings, the company says.

Hendrickson Bumper and Trim

(800) 356-6737

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