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Cobra 29 LX

Cobra Electronics has unveiled the 29 LX, which features a selectable LCD color display in red, green, blue or amber to complement the interior of any cab. The display also has customizable night and day settings to enhance readability in both bright and dark conditions.

In addition, Cobra’s latest CB radio features a new clock and timer combination that enables drivers to track their on-duty driving hours. The combo also functions as an alarm clock.

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K40 Trucker Antenna

This antenna offers 7,000 watts of AM power handling capability, a 26-30 MHz frequency range and 1.6 MHz bandwidth.

The product is designed for CB and 10-meter radios and weather band reception. It can be used as a single antenna or co-phased for dual antennas. It comes with a 10-inch shaft length with 3/8 inch by 24 thread, 8-gauge silver-plated wire and 49-inch stainless steel 17-7 tapered whip. The sealed housing eliminates water corrosion.

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Firestik II FS

Series antenna

This new antenna from Firestik has all the features of the KW series antennas plus a tuning mechanism that allows bare-hands tuning capability.

The design broadens the antenna’s bandwidth to keep standing wave ratio lower over more channels. The upper coil extension also increases the antenna’s power handling capability.

The antenna has a custom blended, glass fiber-reinforced shaft. Each is wound with heavy insulated copper wire to prevent oxidation and shorted windings.

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Wilson 2000 Series

This stainless steel center-loaded coil mobile CB antenna features a 52-inch stainless steel whip rated at 3,500 watts, standard 3/8 inch by 24 thread chromed brass ferrule and larger coil housing that allows for increased power handling.

It also offers a wound coil design, 10-gauge silver plated wire, high-impact-engineering thermoplastic coil, a 26-30 MHz frequency range and a static-reducing weather cap.

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Monkey Made MM-9

The Monkey Made MM-9 antenna comes in short, medium and long versions with 3-inch diameter, 49-inch stinger length and ranging up to 6 feet total in length.

The MM-9 products offer 30,000-watt capacity and heavy-duty ferrule and stinger for durability.

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Hustler SCB

Trucker antenna

Hustler’s SCB antenna includes a large-diameter, high-efficiency coil that is computer designed to maximize length to diameter ratio. The coil is capable of covering 120 channels at 1,000-watt power levels.

The SCB’s lower half is constructed from 3/8-inch solid stainless steel rod. A stainless steel spring is mounted on the top of the coil to reduce shock absorption.

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Midland Model 9001z

Midland Radio Corp.’s Model 9001z features the company’s Guardian Alert technology. The alert function can help drivers remain alert while on the road by emitting a warning siren at set intervals. The device’s other features include Weather Scan technology, Delta Tune, which clarifies the reception of incoming calls, and XR technology, a noise filter that boosts communication range.

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Francis Antennas ground kit

The Francis Antennas ground kit offers improved antenna performance and signal communications.

The kit includes three threaded 3.5 inch radials and a base that attaches between the antenna and a standard antenna mount. It’s designed for 3/8-inch by 24 threaded antennas.

Antenna mirror mounts are available for Freightliner, Mack and GM mirrors and Volvo bar mounts.

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Intermodal temp control

The Heat King 430 provides temperature control for both rail and trailer applications. Its freeze-protection control is based on solid-state technology to avoid use of moving parts, and its controller is inside the unit enclosure for protection. A controller automatically starts the unit when coolant drops below 30 degrees. Return and supply air temperature sensors provide built-in redundancy. The Heat King features flash-load programming and a diagnostics system for troubleshooting.


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Stereo upgrade

The new Alliance replacement stereo has an AM/FM receiver, MP3-capable CD player, remote control and auxiliary input for MP3 players and portable satellite radios. The display shows track info read from MP3 tag information, and the unit has 18 station memory presets. It’s compatible with any truck that has an ISO harness.


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Winter cooling sealant

The Carbon Fiber Block Seal Head Gasket & Cooling Sealant is made to seal coolant leaks in radiators, heater cores, freeze plugs, gaskets, intake manifolds, cylinder heads and engine blocks. It is antifreeze compatible and doesn’t need to be removed after a repair. The formula combines liquid glass with aramid and refractory fibers reinforced with carbon fiber to bridge larger leaks and create a seal.

BAR’S LEAKS | (800) 521-7475

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Aluminum dump trailer

The 39-foot Alumatech half-round dump has seamless floor and side sheets and a redesigned nose, sub-frame, tailgate and draft arm connections. Alumatech plans to expand its line to frameless, quarter-frame, frame-type and straight truck dump body options.

TRAVIS BODY & TRAILER | (800) 535-4372

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All-electric APU

The Idle Free APU provides heat and air conditioning needs and requires no idling. It runs on alternating current and doesn’t use the truck’s batteries for power. It pulls energy from the engine’s alternator and stores it in an independent AGM battery bank.


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PlastiKote Hi-Temp Paint

Formulated to resist intermittent temperatures of up to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit, the Hi-Temp Paint is suited for engines, exhaust manifolds and headers. It’s available in red, aluminum, orange, blue and cast gray. The salt spray-resistant paint dries in 60 minutes and produces a silicone resin that resists chips and peeling.

PLASTIKOTE | (866) 222-8714

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Engine leak dye

The Dye-Lite TP-3100 fluorescent dye helps pinpoint leaking engine oil, hydraulic fluid, lubrication fluid, compressor oil and gearbox oil. Dye added to and circulated in the system for several minutes allows leaks to be seen with an ultraviolet or blue light lamp. The dye glows a bright yellow to show leak locations. Dye can stay in system until oil is changed.

TRACERLINE | (800) 641-1133

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SleepDog’s Big Dawg

Memory Foam Truck Mattress

The Big Dawg Memory Foam mattress from SleepDog conforms to your body for a soft and supportive feel, which can help reduce aches and pains, the company says. The American-made mattress is 10 inches thick and has a 2-inch bamboo-fabric pillowtop.

SLEEPDOG | (866) 953-1019

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Lightweight landing gear

The AlumiLightX and UL500, two new lightweight landing gears with internal gearboxes, work to reduce trailer weight. The AlumiLightX’s lower leg is made from polyester-coated steel to protect against corrosion, and its upper leg is made of extruded aluminum and features a heavy-duty reinforced strap. The UL500 is made of a re-engineered lift nut and high-strength, low-alloy steel. Each leg uses a grease tube for reduced maintenance.


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