What is your biggest trucking pet peeve?

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The way we’re looked down at by the general motoring public. The way they take what we do and what we deliver for granted. If it weren’t for trucks, everyday lives of everyone would change … no food, no gas, no oil, no clothes, diapers, tampons, shampoo, soap, clothes, generators, wood, batteries, everything! Only thing not delivered by trucks is babies! — Robin D.

Four-wheelers and truck drivers not using turn signals and ignoring mine. — Patrick P.

Turning turn signal on only to have everyone fill in that space. — Paula H.

Humans … — Dave C.

Magnet cars that ride by you and won’t let you over. — Kris C.

Drivers that high-beam you to tell you to come back over. — Jason E.

Parking lot pissers. Waddle into the bathroom or over to the grass. Disgusting. — Donald F.

After you have passed another vehicle, cars that move into the right lane before it is safe for you to do that and then they move up beside you keeping you hanging out in the left lane. — Rob T.

Pee, urine, piss, whatever you want to call it: Keep it in the restroom! If you go in a bottle, at least put it in the trash, don’t throw it out your window. We are proud American truck drivers. Keep America beautiful. We don’t live in a zoo, so don’t act like it! — Bobby A.

Not getting paid for my time. — Steve T.

Bad exhaust fumes. — Robert L.

There are too many to list. Trucking isn’t the same as it was years ago. People look down on trucking because of the low-class, piss-jug-throwing, high-beam-flashing, fuel-lane-parking, lazy, smelly, minimally trained, inconsiderate drivers that we have traveling up and down our roads today. It’s really sad. — Ryan S.

Drivers that don’t move over for vehicles on the shoulder. I do it in my car or truck no matter the type of vehicle on the shoulder. You never know why the vehicle is on the shoulder. Someone sick trying to get out or lost trying to read map, and getting rocked by the force of truck barreling by at 65 mph. — Shannon W.

Truckers that don’t shower and smell really bad and that dress like slobs. I grant you that sometimes we can’t get to take a shower every day but the least they can do is change clothes and put on some body spray and deodorant. What happened to the nice-dressed truckers that take pride in themselves. — Elizebethe E.

Sure is a lot of whining going on in this thread … to change trucking one must change themselves first then take on the “issues” of trucking. — Charlie N.

FMCSA … ’nuff said. — Anthony V.




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