Do you have any trucking-related superstitions?

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Not really. Just try to be safe, share the road and never push an issue. Always take the time to think it through. — Bruce C.

Never piss on a truck or it will piss on you! — Seth W.

Always refer to a truck as “she,” just like a ship — bad luck if you don’t. — Richard B.

Pat the dashboard and thank her for another job well done. — Donald F.

Don’t cross the highway when stopping for a break. Bad things happen. — Guy C.

My trucker won’t hit the road till I sing “On the Road Again.” — Trucker’s Wife

Some trucks are cursed for some reason. Born in the same assembly line as all the other trucks of that same model year, but will give you nothing but bad luck and headaches, while the rest of them will be great rigs. — Duncan B.

Always have your bell hung 4 inches off the ground, and always — I mean always — have it hanging in the middle of the trailer. If you don’t, you’ll turn over. You don’t leave home without your train horns or your bell. That’s a must. — Michael B.