Feedback/ Man on the Street

Feedback/Man on the Street


What do you do to help reduce job related stress?


“I play video games. I’ll either play on my computer or I’ll go inside the truckstop.”

Dwight Tenon

Cordele, Ga.

Owner-operator leased to Colonial Freight


“When I’m laid over, I get on the Internet and see what’s going on in the world. I work little puzzle books, exercise my brain a bit.”

Jimmy Crews

Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Owner-operator leased to Am-Can Transport


“Take the 34 hours off every weekend. Watch movies. I have a TV in my truck.”

Ken Dean

Mangum, Okla.

Owner-operator leased to IXL Transportation


“Breathe slowly and calm down. Think positive and relax. Watch some movies.”

Jose Ramos

Laredo, Texas

Company driver for Logis Xpress


“Go home. That’s the best thing for stress. Get off the road.”

Jeff Peters

Chatham, Va.

Company driver for Mabe’s