What do you think trucking will be like in 2020?

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If the current trend continues, we will be regulated right out of making a half-decent living. — Dianna J.


If the current trend continues, there won’t be any drivers to haul the freight and the country will grind to a halt. Perhaps then companies will realize that we are people, too. — Sean M.


Average driver age will be more than 60. [There will be] fewer small companies, as larger ones buy them out, or just force them out. Fewer long-haul runs/drivers, with corresponding increase in short to medium hauls involving switches to allow drivers more frequent home time. More scheduled routes, again to allow drivers more regular home time. Greater cooperation between the big carriers to allow using a competitors facilities and yards for security purposes. Any large truck operating in Ontario and Quebec is already limited to 65 mph, or 105 kph, and has been for a few years now. It’s only a matter of time. — Tom B.


Sorry, supertruckers, but the inevitable “trucks limited to 65” law is comin’ sooner or later! — Jim P.


Natural-gas trucks at 35 percent, electronic logs at 100 percent, black boxes downloaded after a crash at 100 percent and average driver age at 40. — Jacques C.


I say the average driver age will be around 23-25, because the companies will still continue to fire more experienced drivers for stupid crap and hire student drivers to haul thier freight for a fraction of the cost. — Robert C.


Won’t be driving then … — Bob M.


Old-school truckers will make a strong comeback in the years up till then, and people will wake up. Truckers old and new make this world turn. What would happen if truckers nationwide quit for a week?

Do you recall when that happened? There is your answer. Hint: It was a gas war.

— Steven B.



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