HP2000 APU

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The HP2000 Auxiliary Power Unit can be fully installed in as little as six hours. It consumes about one-tenth of a gallon of diesel per hour at 2,000 rpm. The Tier 4 certified engine meets or exceeds 2008-2012 emissions standards without a DPF. Its Heat Pump System provides 18,000 Btu heating, 15,000 Btu cooling, 12-volt DC and 65 amps of charging power for vehicle batteries. The HP2000 runs at 70dB, the company says.

The electric start, two-cylinder Perkins diesel engine drives the heat pump system and carries the manufacturer’s two-year, 2,000-hour warranty. All of the system components are covered by a one-year warranty not provided by Perkins.

The in-cab module uses three LEDs to indicate system status. Two different modes allow the user to select climate control or battery monitor mode. The controller displays current and set temperatures, the voltage of the batteries and the engine run hours.


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