What is your favorite state to drive in, and why?

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Oregon, I live there. — Ryan H.



Sweet Home Alabama. I live there. — Jennifer N.



I have to agree with Ryan, Oregon is so green and has good drivers. — Nora S.



Montana. Home state. [Also,] back roads of any state!

— Rene H.



Montana. So beautiful and wide open. — Karl W.



I like Tennessee, east to west run on I-40. I like the gorges and small mountains. I also like Highway 64 from Cleveland, Tenn., to Blue Ridge, Ga., along the Toccoa River and stop at some of the turn offs. — Gary D.



I have to go with Montana. There’s just something so majestic about that state. Of course, Interstate 81 thru Virginia is exquisite! — Beccie C.



Back roads of Utah. Amazing views and sunsets. — James S.



Iowa. Straight, flat, happy :-) — Mike B.



Montana, Utah, Oregon … but most of all the Canadian Rockies :D — Tammi-Lyn R.



I ran out of states to like. Never been to Alaska, so I’ll go with that. — Kris C.



Whichever state my best friend Ben Franklin (you know him, the guy on the $100 bill) is in, that’s my best state.

— King H.



I like Wyoming and Utah even though I live in Georgia. I love the views there. — Tim M.



California. It’s slow, but it’s home.” — Jeff G.



South Carolina [is] home sweet home, but [has] some awful roads! — Thomas F.



Texas and Louisiana. They still allow trucks in the third lane to get around the “paid tourist.”

— James J.



Utah! The mountains, the canyons and the desert in one state. I love going in Arizona, too, and Colorado and the northwest. — Morktuüm F.



Arizona because there are a few big cities and then nobody. I like that. — Michael E.



Any road that leads home!

— Richard R.



Utah. The scenery is beautiful. — Renee R.

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