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The Mizco International expanded Tough Tested line of heavy-duty mobile technology accessories now includes a new over-the-ear Tough Tested Bluetooth Earpiece, Tough Tested Smartphone Cases and Tough Tested Pro Car Charger, and a windshield mounting device.

The miniature, over-the-ear Tough Tested Bluetooth Earpiece features a flexible, adjustable earclip and a rubberized, heat-retardant finish. The earpiece also features 10x noise canceling technology, the latest 2.1 Bluetooth software, seven hours of talk-time, 200 hours of standby power and includes home, car and USB charging solutions.

The Tough Tested Pro Car Charger features a 12-foot-long high-gauge cord that allows drivers to charge and use their smartphones and USB devices from anywhere in their vehicle. The cord has been tested for ten pounds of weight resistance, the company says. Finished with a heat-retardant rubberized coating, the Pro Car Charger is available in models for the iPhone and iPod, as well as micro-USB and mini-USB, and features a 30-minute quick charge and a three-light charge indicator (power, charging and fully charged).

The Tough Tested Rugged Smartphone Case is made of padded canvas and features multiple options for ensuring phones are secure in the case, including a Velcro-secured flap and snap buckle closure. Offered in black, digital camouflage, classic camouflage or khaki, the case features a steel belt buckle, complete with carabiner clip, pockets and more. The Workman Holster Case features a leather case that mounts onto a workbelt and fits all smartphones. The Tough Tested Rubberized Impact Case features extra-thick black silicone to absorb the impact of dropped phones, the company says. The case fits the iPhone 4 and most popular smartphones currently on the market. The Duro Protection Case features three layers of protection: an inner protective hard plastic shell with screen protector, a rubber shock absorbing middle layer and an outer hard shell with a rotating belt clip holster.

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The Tough Tested Universal Gooseneck windshield mount for smartphones, GPS devices and satellite radio devices steadies them against shock and vibrations generated by the vehicle’s movement.


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