California undesirable because of CARB laws

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In response to “California trucking group slams CARB fuel policies” at

Maybe California should secede from the union and become their own nation.

After all, they and [the California Air Resources Board] are already violating Federal law in many instances.

Case in point, all CARB rules about not allowing trucks with older diesel engines from other states to enter California without major costly modification or after a certain year is in direct violation of interstate commerce laws. Sure, they offered grants to some for certain things but they also required up to 70 percent exclusive use in California.

Why trucking companies have not filed a lawsuit over that one I’ll never understand.

I am really embarrassed to say/admit that I was born and raised in California but am really happy to say I got the hell out of that state. I won’t allow any of my trucks to enter that state and prior to that when I had loads going to California I had a “California surcharge” for all miles traveled within the state.

I want to wish all the “suckers” living or doing business there “good luck.”

Dave Bradley

Pahrump, Nevada




Trucking industry bogged down with regulations

In response to “FMCSA withdraws April 19 sleep apnea proposal” at

And again, place the burden of enforcement on the trucking industry that is already overburdened with regulations now.

Is it the government’s job to bankrupt every industry left in the United States of America? Shall we begin to restrict drivers with marital problems, too? Well, if we are going to make these the measuring stick, then shall we demand politicians live by the same rules? Are we now electing rulers or representatives?

Jeff Fowler

Fort Worth, Texas



Regulations equal political power

In response to “California trucking group slams CARB fuel policies” at

Since when do liberals make laws which have anything to do with fairness or make economic sense? Fair is not their objective. Drop fair from your vocabulary. The objective is political power and to eliminate cheap energy.

When you understand Marxists and socialists are running the legislature then “green” makes sense when considering these policies.

The voters have put them in office and have no clue they are shooting themselves in the foot. Enjoy making a living in the Golden State of Kalifornia. Ignorance is bliss.

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Tom Lorenz

Waterloo, Iowa




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