What does your truck color say about you?

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Updated Jun 28, 2021

ColorWhat color is your truck?


Based on 330 respondents from a 2010 Custom Rigs online survey.

Studies linking color choices and personality traits suggest there’s more behind your favorite color than you may be aware. In fact, color psychology is an entire field, and the reality is that no matter how many bells and whistles, stripes and flames, graphics, chrome or custom touches you put on your truck, nothing defines its style, or you, as much as its color.

What’s behind a color?

BLACK: Absence of color; associated with strength and power. Owners: Deeply emotional, focused, loyal, stubborn, love danger, self-protective, loyal

RED: Draws the most attention; is an intense color. Owners: Passionate, cheerful, romantic, aggressive, enjoy attention, dramatic

BLUE: Most popular color; considered calming. Owners: Conservative, loyal, dreamers, positive, visionary, powerful

GREEN: Color of nature; soothing palate. Owners: Sharp, smart, fast thinkers, edgy, lucky, prosperous

WHITE: Presence of all color; safe shade. Owners: Analytical, questioning, objective, curious, open-minded, optimistic

YELLOW: Sunny color; draws attention. Owners: Optimistic, friendly, warm, happy

ORANGE: Color of fun, excitement. Owners: Problem solvers, quick thinkers, dependable, intelligent, affectionate, energetic

PURPLE: Color of royalty; linked to spirituality . Owners: Deep, spiritual, introspective, mysterious, mischievous

Sources: Sarah Nielson, color expert with Dewey Color Systems, and Kayta Gaidos, psychologist who uses color as a tool in psychotherapy.


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