iLuvMyTrucker: Michael Mick

Updated Sep 23, 2013

Michael has been a driver for 38 years. He is always helping everyone he can. He is always there to lend a hand. Last year, he was out on the road for 325 days. He misses our grandkids’ parties, ball games, etc.

Michael was hit by a driver that came left to center back in 1998. He was bad it was touch & go for us he was in a hospital bed for over a year but did not give up after getting a lot of help from family and friends and of course our almighty GOD. He got $23,000 after paying all bills, but we made do and never gave up. He is handicapped, but he still drives a truck and that’s what we did; we went and got a truck. Well, here it is: 2013 and he is still going. He is struggling a bit from day to day but with the help of GOD we don’t give up we do what we can.

Michael is the best. He has always told me: My dad said to have something you have to work for it because it’s just not given to you. Well, that’s the truth, and it’s hard for truckers now days but we pray for each and every single fellow trucker out there giving his or her time away from families to make sure American people have the things they need for our truckers give what they need to take care of all of us.

I love My Trucker. He is one of the best! Now that I’m down sick and unable to go be with him going to doctors for my health it’s worse cause it’s all up to him, and boy are the pennies tight, but with God we will make it because my Michael NEVER gives up no matter how hard it gets. I’ve always told him if someone needs help or needs some change or hungry never walk away if you can help for you never no when it could be God, so he doesn’t. Well, he was running close one day, and another trucker offered him to sit for coffee and breakfast so he sat down not saying a word. The lady asked if they wanted one ticket or two. The driver answered quickly saying one ticket. Michael was lost for words but was very grateful. So he has been there for millions of people and in return some has been there for him!! I love Michael, and God has truly blessed our family. Thank You God & Thank You Michael for all the driving you do clear across country I’m proud of my TRUCKER!!!