iLuvMyTrucker: Tulio Figueroa

PrintMy husband and biz partner is the best at what he does.

He travels interstate and yet manages to home to us every weekend while allowing the company to make a profit.

He has learned how to fix things in our truck “MacGyver Style,” which has saved us thousands of dollars in the years that we have been in business.

He is very responsible and a safe driver.

Because of his desire to open a trucking company, I have since been able to leave the corporate world I used to be in and stay home in my home office and work from home while caring for our girls.

His work ethics have made me want to work hard at changing the stereotypes of truckers being irresponsible drivers, like many people see them.

We have also been able to learn so much about how the trucking business is the backbone of our economy and how many lives are affected daily by just a simple load. 

For this and many more reasons; my daughters Eillim & Junee and myself LOVE our Trucker: Tulio Figueroa Sr.!! :)

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