Nicole Cavin

Updated Mar 13, 2015

I have always had a passion to drive. I finally in 2009 as a single un employed woman decided to go to truck driving school. After school went to work for a company that from the very beginning wanted me to fail. I did all I could for the passion of the road as much of a horrible mentor I had I always took the time to speak with the veterans out here to keep learning and I have I know work for an amazing company and take pride in my truck my company and every driver out here no matter the words always spoke you never will you can’t I did. Its nice being a small female out here and staying in shape people don’t look at me as a truck driver for sure. I always look to help the new ones getting involved that feel there being failed I love the life style and will be a lifer.

Submitted by Nicole Cavin, company driver
La Salle, Colorado