Sonya Randle

Sonya is gorgeous, smoking hot and a beautiful woman inside and out. From flatbed 60-inch beams to end dump with her tricked out Peterbilt, Sonya is a treat to all her customers. She has a way with the customers and general public. “Are you driving that truck” is the question she is asked on nearly a daily basis. Sonya is the mother of three kids, married for 22 years and earned her bachelor’s degree while running a truck! Sonya will show up on the job with homemade brownies as well as cupcakes to her customers while loading and unloading construction supplies. She has a heart of gold as well as a smile that will melt you as you greet her. Recently Sonya had a “Stiletto” hood ornament made for her Peterbilt. Another acknowledgement of her beauty! Sonya’s trucking legacy is a tribute to her mother, Sonya Randle, whom she was named after. Her mother taught her how to drive and be beautiful, as Sonya has passed on to her own daughters. Sonya has also been featured in 10-4 magazine with her story of beauty and trucking! Please select her as Overdrive’s Most Beautiful! She would be a great representation that women are beautiful and hard working. Sonya proudly wears her T-shirt “Truck N Hot.” I have attached a video form Sonya’s company website. Truck N Hot! Sonya would be honored to be crowned Overdrive‘s Most Beautiful!! See you at MATS!!!!

Submitted by Jim Wise, husband

Sonya Randle, owner-operator
Tracy, California

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