Abbiegayle Shafer

I have been told it is my personality and my heart that is in itself the size of Texas. My desire to help others in the industry and the fact that I very strong willed, that makes me the most beautiful in the trucking industry. I have spent the last several years struggling with my weight. I weighed 267 pounds two summers ago and I am now down to 180 pounds. I walk 3-6 miles daily along with other exercises. I have dedicated the past two years helping other fellow truckers achieve their weight loss goals. Showing them that it can be done by sharing my success, Helpful Healthy Tidbits along with some Fitness Tidbits. I am trying to help make the trucking industry healthier one driver at a time, so that they can continue doing what they love and do best keeping America moving. Some have said I will never accomplish that and the best of luck to me. Others have made every excuse under the son why they can’t. I just say, “Success comes with determination. There are no shortcuts. There are no excuses. Just merely results.”

Submitted by Abbiegayle Shafer, company driver
Corsicana, Texas