Mary Alexander

Mary works for us at Cedar Bluff Transport. After traversing a rough part of her personal life Mary found a passion. It just happens that passion is trucking. After completing trucking school several years ago she began trucking for us full time pulling primarily hoppers and tankers regionally throughout the high plains and Midwest. She operates a 2013 Mack pinnacle and we have been very impressed with her work ethic, professionalism on the road and her ability to win a smile from everybody she interacts with. You can call any elevator or feed mill she delivers to and they will have have a positive story about Mary.

Most important though is how this passion of trucking has changed her life. She has found that niche that has given her a sense of belonging and success. She is a beautiful girl inside and out and we believe she is a wonderful person to represent your most beautiful trucker contest.

Submitted by Cody Mcgarraugh, supervisor

Mary Alexander, company driver
Perryton, Texas