Angela McPherson

I have worked in and around the trucking industry my entire life. I’m also a writer and have written many stories about the trucker’s lifestyle. I have worked hard to learn the Industry and how to accomplish fitting in as a woman. Along my rocky road I’ve met many wonderful and not so wonderful fellow drivers. My main goal is to continue to stay positive and live each moment as if it were my last. I also try to teach other female fellow drivers the importance of self respect out here for we deserve it. I have a passion for keeping wise stable investments for a comfortable retirement if and when that should come. I love my company for the opportunity they gave me as well as taking care of me for the last seven years. I love being over the road and wouldn’t choose any other career. I run 6 to 12 weeks and am home for a week at a time.The big road is in my blood and all ways will be. Until I can no longer see to drive into those glorious sunsets I will be a lifer. That’s me ;)

Submitted by Angela McPherson, company driver
Stockbridge, Georgia