Mariluz Santana

I have been in the trucking industry since I could remember. My parents are immigrants from Cuba and even in their country my dad was a driver. I have always been around trucks and when I was young would always go with my dad over the road on the summers because I always enjoyed the trucks and the road. I currently own three trucks and actively drive over the road. In my family my father, my husband and I all drive in my company which is Rock & Roll Logistics LLC in Clayton, North Carolina. I not only drive but also manage everything for the company. I believe I deserve the title of Overdrive‘s Most Beautiful not for my physical beauty but for devoting my life and my dedication to the industry and my love for trucks. As a female it can be very hard to get over many obstacles in an industry dominated by males. But as my father once told me, when you love to do something it is not a job, it becomes your career and part of your life and you will never get bored of it. That is why I have a strong believe that as a female in this industry I have the opportunity to open up many doors to other females and show them that this industry does welcome females and is willing to accept us just like any other driver. Trucking is not about being male or female it is about your love for what you do and for your equipment.

Submitted by Mariluz Santana, owner-operator
Clayton, North Carolina