Michele Dupre

Updated Mar 13, 2017

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My mother is a strong, independent single mother of 19 years. She has always done what was needed to provide for me. She has been driving trucks for over 30 years and has driven everything you can imagine. She has been nominated at several of her companies she’s worked at for best driver award. She usually is volunteered to train the new guys because well, she’s a badass! She has given so much of her time to the road and a big truck just to provide for me that I believe she deserves the most beautiful driver award. She is beautiful inside and out. Always going the extra mile (pun intended) for everyone. Regardless of health issues and a messed up back she still gets up at the crack of dawn and cranks that truck up and chugs on down the road. Without complaints, without a mere sign of distress she takes on any challenge head on and doesn’t ever back away from a challenge. She truly is my hero! I have been riding shotgun since I was 5 years old across country with her. We have traveled and seen many many places together and those memories I will always hold close and dear to my heart. Will always be her favorite shotgun rider!

Nominated by daughter, Samantha Hunt

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