Phylisia Compton

Updated Mar 13, 2017

Omb2017 Phylisia Compton E1487715524103

She is professional on and off the truck, always kind and courteous to others at shippers and receivers while always offering help to other drivers, always encouraging other females to join the profession, loves what she does, she is the backbone to our small trucking business, no matter what ups and downs we encounter she always sees the positives and keeps a smile on her face, whether on or off the truck her job never stops. When home on home time or when she’s not driving she busy planning our next run and handling all the business part of our business. She is always balancing her time between home responsibilities, work responsibilities, business responsibilities, and family. She is always helping her adult kids and grand kids as much as she can financially, mentally, emotionally and never complains. She never stops trying to learn whether it’s from asking questions or getting online and researching stuff. She is always looking for better ways to make our company better. She is always there to help problem solve. She is a great friend to many and always willing to help others any way she can. She gets out and gets dirty just as much as any man and always offering to help. When going home and she gets a little free time she looks forward to helping work on our Harleys and loves to ride. She rides just as good as anyone else and always looking for poker runs and other biking events for us to take part in to help raise money for charity. She has a great laugh and always tries to find humor in things while keeping things professional. Loves to have fun and always thinking of others. She never sees any job as too big or too small.

Nominated by Gregory Easton