iLuvMyTrucker: John Archer

| August 15, 2013

JohnArcherHe has a very big heart. He loves to work and is a very hard worker. He has to hand off load a 53inch trailer for store delivery. He don’t complain.  He knows that it’s his job and he takes care of his family. He inspired me to become truck driver. If I had questions, he would stop his truck, get out his map and guide me to what highway I needed to be on. He taught me my job. I would be several states away from him and some how it felt like he was in cab of truck with me guiding me. That’s not a easy job. He is very very patient man. That’s why I love him. If it had been anybody else they would not have been as patient. I know I did not make it easy on him. His saying to me he always tell me he is a real man and he is gonna keep it 100 percent. If it is good or bad he is gonna tell you and he does it with a gentle heart. It’s just so many good things I can say about him he still remember what I had on when I met him for first time.

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