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Todd Dills

In case you didn’t know already

| December 02, 2008

The How’d They Build That? DVD series launched Nov. 18, with the first two behind-the-scenes documentaries’ subjects self-evident from their titles. Big Truck and Fire Truck offer, respectively, a “>visit the International Truck Assembly Plant in Springfield, Ohio, which has been in operation for over 100 years and has built more than 5 million trucks,” and a “tour of the Seagrave Fire Apparatus plant in Clintonville, Wisconsin, the oldest continuously operating fire truck manufacturer in the U.S.”

If you’ve been on a plant tour yourself, the attraction might be in the history of each company offered. For instance, producers sat that, along the way, Fire Truck tells the story of Seagrave founder Frederick Seagrave and “>how he went from orchard ladder maker to fire vehicle industrialist.” Or they might make good Christmas gifts for the kids, recommended as they are for ages 4 and up and retailing for $8.99. They’re available here and via the links above at, where several used and discounted copies are on offer.

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