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Updated Apr 22, 2013



Stephen And ClaudetteHi Carolyn,

I am a 62 year-old husband, father and grandfather. I have been married to Claudette for 36 years and believe that keeping faith and family first is the secret to my marriage.

I think we need more stories about truckers who have successfully lost weight and improved their health by exercising and eating a healthy diet.

                                                  Here is my story

When I was 38, I started a walking program. Gradually I went on to jogging, running and as I got older I went back to jogging and now I am back to just walking. I do some weight training (40-90 lbs) 30 minutes, 3 x a week. I have always watched how much I eat and try to eat healthy foods. Today, I am reaping the benefits of the work I have put into my exercise routine and healthy eating habits. Now, over 25 years later, I don’t have to worry about having a heart attack. My cholesterol, blood pressure, weight are good. I am able to run around the yard, go up and down on sled hills with the grandkids, do physical work when necessary even outworking younger men because I have the heart and lung fitness from the many years of walking.

I say this not to brag but to encourage drivers who have a lot of weight to lose or feel like giving up because it takes so long or whatever their reason. Guys, gals, keep going!! Make it a way of life not a fad diet or quick fix. I eat everything but in moderation. Holidays are the toughest for me but I think about it in advance. I read food labels. Cut back a little at a time. Sometimes all that we have to know about our health and food and exercise can be overwhelming. We don’t have to do it perfectly. Nobody does. I knew I had to quit smoking and I cut back on fast food, not only the portion sizes. I used to drink sugary sweet teas and pop and now I substitute with diet soft drinks or plain tea. I don’t eat fried food at all and still enjoy very good meals without the grease.

Well I hope this can help someone. Keep on truckin’ and Merry Christmas to all!

Steve Bauer

Akron, Ohio

Dear Steve,

Thanks so much for sharing your advice. I can preach good eating habits and exercise routines all day long but I’m not out there. (as you guys like to remind me!) It’s people like you that take the time to offer words of encouragement and show by example how a hard thing can be broken down into small parts and the impossible made possible. I really like how you say to not jump on fad diets but to instead, make it a way of life.

Congratulations on your long and happy marriage too. You really brightened up my day.

Truckers? How about it? Send me your good news stories and I’ll run them in this column.

Just say’n,