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Suzy-Q and Snickers

Suzy-Q and SnickersSuzy-Q & Snickers are so much fun to have together, it’s as if we have a pet each, as the dog prefers Larry and Snickers prefers me (Tinker) Snickers and I usually pull the night shift and that’s when she plays and visits with me, while Suzy snuggles under the blanket with Larry. They keep us company and we enjoy having Suzy to walk with Both Suzy and Snickers are rescue animals. We got Snickers when she was about 5 weeks old in Oct. 2010 and raised her back to health, then Feb. 13th of this year Suzy adopted us. She had spent 3 years of her life in a non kill shelter in Denver,Co. she was adopted twice and brought back, due to her behavior. Well she is the best thing that has come to us and Snickers. These two characters have learn to Love each other and we couldn’t imagine being without them.

Larry & Tinker Raasch | Owner-operator, Bare Rabbit Ranch Trucking

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