Diesel Young

Updated Dec 23, 2013

Diesel YoungHe is truly unique to have in the truck.  He can make you laugh when your riding down the road and he says something funny to you. He loves to climb his toys that I hang from the ceiling of the truck cab.  I was stopped on the scales in West Memphis Ar. with an oversize load to check my permit. Usually they have me pull around back and bring the permit inside, this time was different. I walk in and handed my permit to the Officer and he was laughing about my bird. He asked his name and then started calling Diesel over the loud speaker at the window. With me not being in the vehicle Diesel didn’t know what to think except to look out the window at us in the scale house. That probably made his day and I thought it was pretty cool myself. People really get a kick out of Diesel when we are going down the road and they look up at my Co Driver in the passenger window. There you have it me and my trucking bird Diesel.

Brian Young | Owner-operator leased to Landstar

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