Mr. Muggsy

Updated Dec 23, 2013

Mr MuggsyMr. Muggsy is very special to us being he was our first baby. Muggsy was my wife’s for the first 4 years of his life. I got bit every time I got close. One day when I was home he changed. That was 21 years ago. I never leave him at home, when we are in the truck stop I let him out a lot. He really likes people, an he loves children. He will throw wash rags  an his toys out to get the drivers to play catch. He is a real camera hound. He gets his picture taken a lot. We meet drivers that have met me and Mr. Muggsy  before. It is pretty easy to  find me adn mugs. I own a 1962  KW needle nose.We pull a trail king stretch trailer. It is a 320 in wb,,painted red white an blue. I built it 26 years ago from 2 frame rails. Mr. Muggsy has become quite a mechanic. He is really good at taking my wipers loose. He was a big help when I put a piston in in the parking lot in the Petro in Amarillo Tx. He is a lot of company for me. He knows about 300 different words. We talk sing songs and nursery rhymes. I do warn everyone don’t try to touch my watch dog. He bites and then says HELLO.

Larry Leckrone | Owner-operator, Sammons Trucking Heavy Haul