JodieFirst I have to say that until my divorce my two Mini Schnauzers stayed with my ex and very seldom went in the truck however after my divorce I was forced to take both pets with me. The road can be a hard life for a pet as I found out one night last year when my Max went into a seizure that lasted about an hour then he kept looking at me for help and being 13 years old (in human life) I could not see him suffer. That was the hardest thing I have ever done. Anyway this is more about Jodie than Max but it should be mentioned that even though they were from different breeders they were inseparable  they were always playing together and when one barked the other had to chime in LOL well one day when I was at home they started barking like they usually did if they wanted out so I went to the back door to let them out. Now Max went outside but Jodie didn’t want any part of the outside but kept scratching on the garage door. I told her there wasn’t anything in the garage but she would not stop scratching until I checked the garage. So I opened the door and found the garage full of smoke. Like most people I had a lot of spray cans of paint and other chemicals in the garage along with my pickup which was full of gas. The source of the smoke was an air compressor had started smoldering and as soon as I opened the garage door flames shot up so I leaped over my pickup and grabbing the fire extinguisher from the bed of the pickup then dousing the flames putting out the fire. Now I don’t have to tell you that had Jodie not alerted me to this fire neither me nor my pets would be here today in fact there probably would have been a huge explosion that day. so now Jodie is and always will be my best-est of friend and companion. She is rewarded everyday for her bravery and alertness to potential dangers that arises everyday when she is on the truck she sleeps in the drivers seat and will wake me if someone tries to get into the truck. I hope you will pick Jodie to be you most loved pet because she is loved more than life itself and she knows it especially when she is rewarded with t-bone steaks for all the LOVE she gives me. Jodie is going on 13 years old this Dec.

Tom Murphy | Owner-operator leased to Landstar Ranger

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