Calypso aka Bubby

Calypso aka BubbyI was a driver for many years…but health MS took that away. My husband still runs the truck solo and is gone a lot to just make ends meet. If some one asks where Jack is I plainly tell them HE LEFT WITH THE OTHER WOMAN aka our truck. If some asks Jack what I am up to he tells them I HAVE A TALL RED HEADED STRANGER I STAY WITH WHILE HE’S GONE. I can tell him all my secrets never to be repeated. He is always glad to see me, no matter how bad his day was. He knows when I am having health problems and will wrap his head and neck around me I think trying to “hug” me. If I come out side and am crying he will drop what he is doing and come to me with out being asked. My husband doesn’t even do that unless asked. The icing on the cake is NOW DON’T LAUGH! I can stand 10 feet behind him a say BEEP BEEP BEEP mon back ya gots lots a room and wavy my right hand and he will back all the way up to me…He really wants me to scratch his butt. But it looks cool my husband says “That just an’t right” I addition I do not runn the roads alone or spend money with out thought. I do my chores clean up read a book and collaps into bed at the end of the day. Calypso is not my only horse but he is truly MY MOST LOVED PET. Any one lucky enough to have someone like him in there life is truly blessed, life not on the road is very lonely too. and o ya He likes to load out in my Sundowner and ride around whinning at every one he sees!

Ramona Chapman | Owner-operator, J&R Trucking of Loudon Tn Inc.